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Starts: 02-01-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


The Innovation Committee is a forward-thinking and pragmatic team of industry experts acting as the SCDM’s ‘think tank’ to define the roadmap of the Clinical Data Management discipline. The Innovation Committee evaluates Technology, Regulations and Clinical Research trends to pro-actively anticipate how they are reshaping the role and profile of Clinical Data Management. The Committee may initiate new taskforces to further investigate emerging opportunities and provide insights and guidance on how to realize their potential.

Deliverables may include a reflection paper, a session at the annual Leadership Forum, a chapter in the GCDMP, an article in Data Basics, a webinar, an online course or an industry publication. As a recent example, the Innovation Committee published a reflection paper on “the impact of the Clinical Research industry trends on Clinical Data Management”, leading to its evolution to Clinical Data Science (https://scdm.org/publications/white-papers/). This paper covers emerging Technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, complex study designs which include the use of synthetic arms, and newly released regulations.

The Innovation Committee now intends to release subsequent papers and/or articles which will provide deeper insights on specific areas of changes such as technology enablers and the CDM role evolution which were introduced in initial paper. The meet its endeavor, the committee has established the following 3 complementary taskforces:

  • The “CDM Role” task force whose mission is to define how Clinical Data Management will evolve their skillsets and processes to meet the demand of Clinical Research and Regulations by maximizing the potential of available technologies.
  • The “CDM Technology” task force whose mission is to define how technology will enable CDM to meet the needs of new Clinical Research approaches while remaining compliant with the evolving regulations.

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1 (1 open slot)

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No Experience Necessary




Sarah D'Angelo
Society for Clinical Data Management Inc.