Tomas Juarez Melgarejo

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While I was finishing my BS in Chemistry I had the luck to discover Clinical Research Organizations and started working as a Data Manager. I have instantly fallen in love with the role and the industry. I was amazed to find a job where I could simultaneously work with people from all around the world, to manage Clinical Data and work with Data Bases.

I am a very organized and detail oriented person. I enjoy challenging jobs where clear processes can be set but where is common to find issues that require finding alternative solutions. I enjoy earning as much technical knowledge of the roles as possible and being able to perform diverse tasks. I really like organizing teams, training people and finding the way to optimize tasks (performing quality assessments, using metrics and considering each person's aptitudes to assign tasks).

In the last few months I´ve been learning about Big Data and Data Science. I finished a short introduction to SQL in March and I am currently taking a "Data Science with R and Python" course